Meeting the Needs of Gifted Students (B.T.L.S. 2017)

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In this course we will look at strategies and tools for meeting the needs of gifted students. The book Teaching Gifted Kids in Today’s Classroom will be the text that participants will need as the major source of information.  Teaching Gifted Kids in Today’s Classroom is a guide to meeting the learning needs of gifted students in the mixed-abilities classroom. Included are practical, classroom-tested strategies and step-by-step instructions for how to use them. The new edition provides information on using technology for accelerated learning, managing cluster grouping, increasing curriculum rigor, improving assessments, boosting critical and creative thinking skills, and addressing gifted kids with special needs.  In addition to the text, videos and additional resources are included.

This course includes nine modules that examine instructional practices and strategies for challenging gifted students.  This course meets the professional development criteria for classroom teachers providing gifted services as cluster teachers or advanced courses. Participants earn 30 contact hours for completing the course.  The course was developed by an experienced Ohio gifted coordinator who weaves practical tips and current gifted issues into each module.

This course has an optional job-embedded component that can be facilitated by qualified district personnel and participants can earn an additional 30 hours, meeting the requirements for year two of gifted HQPD.

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Course Materials

Teaching Gifted Students in Today's Classroom by Susan WInebrenner