GERRIC Module 1: Giftedness or Talent?

Four (4) Contact Hours Overview:  Welcome to MRESC's online gifted professional development modules.  Each of these modules utilizes the GERRIC gifted modules from UNSW as a foundation to guide you through the eight gifted competencies with research-based guidance on gifted students; reflective activities; and quizzes designed to check for understanding and mastery.  This module introduces the definitions of "giftedness" and explores the differences between "giftedness" and "talent"; "bright" vs. "gifted". (Contact hours vary per module.)

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Welcome to the MRESC’s online gifted education PD!

This is module one of six separate modules.  At the completion of each module, you will receive a certificate for that module’s contact hours. (Module one is worth four contact hours).  As in all of these GERRIC Modules, the directions for the Module appear on a single lesson page.  Please scroll down to find the lesson; then, follow the directions on the lesson page to access this module’s content, take the quiz, and receive your certificate!  (Please note that these online modules, adapted for online use by Erica Baer, are intended only for districts contracted for her gifted services.)

Please allow one business day for responses to messages/ emails.  Thanks!

Gifted Education competency(ies) addressed in Module 1: “(d) The ability to understand the social and emotional needs of students who are gifted; (e) the ability to respond to characteristics and needs of gifted students from traditionally under-represented populations; (f) the ability to use data from a variety of sources to measure and monitor the growth of students who are gifted; and (g) The ability to select, use, and interpret technically sound formal and informal assessments for the purpose of academic decision making.”  

Thanks for joining us on the journey: may the information give you strong insights and new ideas to use with all students!



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