Embedding Tech Tools into Your Classroom (Winter-Spring 2018)

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Overview: The number of technology tools available to teachers today is overwhelming.  Teachers must learn about the tools that can be used to create powerful instruction.  This session will introduce and instruct teachers on some specific tools that can be effectively utilized to enhance instruction and student learning.

NOTE:  Teachers must bring a laptop or Chromebook to access the tech tools shared during the session.  It will also be helpful if you have either a school or personal Google account.  If you have a school Google account, ask your tech administrator to whitelist the domain of so you are able to access some of the resources.

  • All tools shared in the session will be FREE tools.  The session also addresses other important topics facing teachers, such as: (1) Differentiation; (2) Using data to drive instruction; (3) Technology integration; (4) Google Education & More

The session goals include:

  • Explaining the importance of embedding technology to enhance instruction and not to using it as a fun add-on.
  • Providing instruction on specific tech tools that can be effectively integrated into classroom instruction to increase learning. Session will include tools for graphic organizers, assessment, feedback, and collaboration.
  • Explaining and modeling how some of these tools can be used in the classroom.
  • Allowing teachers to explore, plan and utilize the tool(s) of their choice to so they can leave the session with a concrete implementation plan that can be used in their own classroom.
  • Review of free online training courses that can further your personal skill level beyond this workshop from the comforts of your classroom or home.
  • Review of Google Educator certification process and required training.

Target Audience: All Subjects – Grades K-12

Faculty: Dave Shellhaas, Director of Curriculum & School Improvement, MRESC

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