Ohio’s Mathematics Standards: Updates, Tools, & Tips (Grades 6-8)

Teaching Statistics in Grades 6-8: “Increasing the Chances Students Understand Statistics”


Ohio has approved the recent revisions to the math standards and fortunately there were not many significant changes.  However, one area that teachers have voiced concern and questions about involve the

GAISE model

.  The GAISE model is mentioned in the revised standards for teaching statistics.

This session will seek to introduce teachers to the GAISE model and how it can help teach student statistics

.  We will look at the learning progression of Statistics in grades 6-8, as well as 9-12 to see what middle school teachers are preparing students for in the future.

The session will practically breakdown the GAISE model instructionally and lead teachers through the four steps of the model.  Participants will also explore various online tools to assist them in teaching statistics using the GAISE model.  Lastly, participants will have the opportunity to develop an instructional unit with lessons to teach statistics and the GAISE model to their students.


Dave Shellhaas, Director of Curriculum & School Improvement, MRESC

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